Bamboo Shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum)

These Bamboo Shark are also known as long-tail carpet sharks.     They are found in shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific.   This genus is confined to tropical waters off Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.   They are bottom-dwellers living around rocky areas and coral reefs.

They are relatively small sharks, with the largest species reaching no more than 48 inches in adult body length. They have elongated, cylindrical bodies, with short barbels and large spiracles. As their common name suggests, they have unusually long tails, which exceed the length of the rest of the body.

They are a sluggish fish, spending their days hiding under rocks and their nights looking for prey.   Typically, these creatures are feeding off bottom dwelling invertebrates (shrimp, small fish, crabs, cuttlefish, and mussels) and other smaller fish.   They will use their barbels to dig in the sand and find food.

This shark is not aggressive and harmless to humans.


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