Black Tail Cribo (Drymarchon melanurus melanurus)



The Black Tail Cribo is a type of non-venomous indigo snake and originates in Central America.   They have a wide variety of habitats, including marshes, fields and prairies.   They have amazing ground speed and are good climbers and swimmers.

Its coloration changes gradually from a golden brown at the head to black at the tail.   The head has some patterning, black lines exist on some scales.   This snake reaches an average of 8 feet in length, although larger specimens up to 10 feet may be possible.   This snake is reluctant to bite and carries a flight vs. fight attitude.   If you keep this snake as a pet, it will become extremely tame and docile.

Although known for their docile nature, they have an extreme personality change when they smell food. They will become aggressive, grasping the prey in its mouth and slamming it around (almost bludgeoning the victim) and then swallowing it whole while it is alive.   In the wild these snakes will eat almost anything they can catch and overpower including frogs, fish, lizards, other snakes, birds, eggs, and rodents.   They have a fast metabolism and requires a lot of food.



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