Butterfly Stingray

(Gymnura micrura)

Spiny Butterfly Ray 017


The Butterfly Stingray has a broad disc shape, much wider than long (‘butterfly shaped’).  Coloration brownish, gray or green with many small dark spots/blotches dorsally and white ventrally.  Snout protruding.  Tail short with low dorsal and ventral fin folds and three to four dark crossbars.  No venomous spine on tail. This ray prefers coastal waters and usually found on soft mud or sandy substrates. May enter estuaries or bays.

Butterfly rays feed on bottom-living invertebrates and fishes. Their wingspan can get up to 4.5 feet in lenth.

The ray could have three to four pups per litter.

Non-aggressive species of no danger to humans.


Info by http://myfwc.com/

Pic by www.elasmodiver.com