Citronella Dart Frog

(Dendrobates tinctorius)

Cirtonella Dart


This frog was an intermediary in the importation “timeline”. Powder blues and Cobalts were being imported in 94, 95 and 96, and suddenly the “Giant Yellow Back” or Jack Wattley morph began to appear, and at very high prices. (Jack Wattley is a well known discus breeder, whose travels to South America were instrumental in this frog being imported.) Kind of funny how the name game goes, I am not sure when they became known as Citronellas, but somewhere along the line this name was applied and it stuck.
These were a sensation, they are spectacular frogs! One of the large tinc morphs, and a bright yellow back with inky blue legs….needless to say they were very sought after frogs for a few years, and remain one of the more popular tinctorius morphs.

This is one of the most straight forward frogs out there to identify, the only variation that I have ever heard of is a “no dot” form, other than that, if it has a bright yellow back and flanks, usually with a dark spot in the center, and dark blue legs with no markings, it’s a Citronella.


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