Featured Animals of Wild World

Branson’s Wild World likes to feature several of animals now on display in our interactive animal exhibit. We currently have over 180 different species of animals, but here are a few and there stories.

Savannah – The Sea Turtle

Savannah is a Loggerhead sea turtle, and like all sea turtles legally kept in the U.S. she is a rehab or rescue turtle. She was originally hit by a boat in the Florida area and, after several failed attempts at release, was permanently placed for educational display. Savannah was not able to control her buoyancy . She was originally placed at another facility where she was kept in a 200,000 gallon tank with sharks, and in that display she showed aggression toward both human and animal and seemed always agitated. Savannah was donated to our facility in 2012, and in wishing to determine her emotional issues, it was found that at the original reuse facility she was kept in was a relatively small pool and upon release attempts seemed to freeze up and simply sink to the ocean floor. Branson’s Wild World decided to try a similar situation at our facility, and placed her in a smaller enclosure. Results were immediate and now she can be worked with safely in the water and is very calm and feeds extremely good. Now handlers to interact with her and scratch her head. Don’t miss Savannah on your next trip to Branson’s Wild World.

Crooked Jaw – Male Alligator

Crooked Jaw one of five gators rescued from a Florida residential area and has been in captivity for going on 8 years. He is 11 ft, 900 lbs and, if not rescued, him and other 5 gators would’ve been euthanized. All five gators have homes and Crooked Jaw is the largest of the five. It is not know how old Crooked Jaw truly is but it is believed he is approximately 75 years old. Law states if a gator is found over 9 foot in any residential area in Florida they are removed. Due to age and being in captivity for so long he has to be hand fed.

British Columbian wolf puppies – Lobo, Sirus, Grey Man, Lupis, Lena, and Sonia

These puppies are part of a rescue pack that is born in an offsite facility. They have been bottle raised since seven weeks old. They are extremely social animals, they love to play with their handlers.

We are currently working on an outdoor area for them at Branson’s Wild World although they do get moved once or twice a week to be able to go outside. We are planning in the future to sell dried meat snacks so customers to be able to feed the wolves and part of the proceeds will go to help out with the offsite refugee of the original pack of nine wolves.



New for 2013, you now can have the opportunity to sponsor one of our exciting creatures, or maybe even a whole exhibit. Show your support for learning and wildlife as you help us give these creatures the best care they can get. Each sponsor will receive a plaque that will be displayed somewhere on the exhibit showing that you, your family, or your organization is helping to support this animal. All sponsorships are good for one year.

Prices for sponsorships are as follows:

  • Regular Animal display (like snake, lizard, arctic fox, ect) $100
  • Major animal Display (like sea turtle, alligators, crocs, ect) $250
  • Regular Exhibit (like wolves, sharks, ect) $1500
  • Major Exhibit (like Deadly and Dangerous) $4000

All sponsorships include free tickets to the attraction, based on the level of your support.

Donations are also welcome. Proper care of these animals in expensive, and Branson’s seasonal business makes it hard in the off season to maintain. Branson’s Wild World’s main goal it to provide for our animals, and we appreciate any help you may give.

Please email us at bransonswildworld@yahoo.com for more details.

BWW Staff