Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei)



The Jungle Carpet Python is native to Queensland, Australia.   This species can be found in wooded savannahs to grasslands, tree perches, and heavily forested areas of the sub tropical rainforests in Australia.

Adult carpet pythons typically measure 5 to 7 feet in total length and are considered to be a “medium-sized“ python. However, wild caught females are known to grow to over 8.5 feet. As with most species of snakes, females are typically larger than males. However, this is not always the case.   These snakes can have a significant variation in both color and pattern.   Typically they have bright gold and yellow markings upon a background of black.

Hatchlings are dull in color and pattern, but achieve their stunning beauty of colors and patterns by 2 years of age.   This species is known to be somewhat temperamental, especially as hatchlings.   However, many of them will calm down and adapt to being handled as they age.

These snakes are semi arboreal snakes and are strictly carnivores. They feed on medium-sized mammals, killing their prey by coiling and constricting around the victim.

As with other python species, the jungle carpet python lays a clutch of eggs (usually about 12) which the female incubates by coiling around them and shivering her muscles to keep them warm.



Information courtesy of wikipedia.org/wiki/Morelia_spilota_cheynei, reptilepark.com.au

Photo courtesy of priceanimal.com