Majestic Angelfish  

(Pomacanthus (Euxiphipops)

Majestic Angelfish

Also known as the Blue-girdled Angelfish, Navarchus Angel, Angel Piama (Indonesia), Poisson-ange amiral (France) or Alibangbang (Philippines).

Add a little color and majesty to your aquarium with the Majestic Angel, a brightly colored angelfish. This shy saltwater aquarium fish can be the centerpiece of your underwater creation.

Even among brightly colored angelfish, the Majestic Angel stands out with its rich orange-yellow and blue shades. An adult showcases a blue mask that covers the face, almost like a mask, as well as a blue band that extends right up to its bright yellow tail. This distinctive design has earned the Majestic Angel its alternate name – the Blue-girdled angelfish. Like many angelfish, the Blue-girdled angelfish has different colorings as a juvenile. A young fish will have black or deep-blue coloring beneath electric blue stripes. These strips will change, and the dark shades will turn into bright blues and vibrant yellows as the fish matures. It is truly an amazing transformation to observe over time.

This angelfish can be shy and solitary. It prefers to be housed with calm saltwater aquarium fish. Take care in how you pair this angel with other tank mates, especially other angels. Angelfish may become stressed or startled in the presence of the same or similar  species, or if introduced to a crowded aquarium. To help this angel better adapt to your aquarium, make sure to provide your fish with lots of space to swim. This angel also likes to have hiding places. Add live rock to the aquarium to give your fish some security. This saltwater aquarium fish may not be ideal for reef aquariums, as it has a tendency to nip at corals.

The Majestic is a big, bright and eye catching jewel for your carefully designed underwater community.

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