Military Macaw  

(Ara militaris)



The Military macaw is one of the larger species of macaw, reaching up to 33 inches in height, including tail. It is a medium green on the crown, neck, front, upper back and wings. The forehead is brilliant red, and the flight feathers and rump is light blue. The tail is reddish above and yellow below. The cheeks are white, with small black feathers. The eyes are yellow and the beak is black. The juvenile coloration is duller, and the eyes are gray.

The Military Macaw occurs from Mexico as far south as Argentina, but its range is very fragmented and in South America consists of a series of scattered populations along the length of the Andes. There are former range areas in western Mexico where it is now extinct. In South America, these macaws prefer wooded mountain foothills with humid forest and canyons, while in Mexico, they use a slightly wider range of habitat types, including semi-arid woodland and pine-oak forest.

Military macaws are herbivorous, and eat mainly fruits, nuts, and seeds, including unripe fruits. They will also eat flowers and flower nectar as well, and occasionally ingest clay to help reduce toxins from eating unripe fruit.


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