Patricia Dart frog

(Dendrobates tinctorius


This form is one of a group of morphs which began to be imported in the late nineties. Surinam was rumored to be “closing” for export, and some speculators purchased all the animals available for export for top dollar. A flood of tinctorius came in for a year or two there. This form is one of them, and probably named for a financial backer in the US.

It’s a beautiful frog, and very similar to the Powder blue, so make sure you don’t confuse them and breed them together…..I have received frogs that were misidentified as Powder blues that were really Patricias and vice versa.Patricias have a somewhat more yellow back coloration than the Powder blues and also have their own particular leg coloration. Its hard to describe. They also have a more solid leg coloration, the back legs of a powder blue are thoroughly spotted with black, but the Patricia leg coloration is much more of an even light blue.


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