Undiscovered Branson Jewel

My grandchildren and I discovered Wild World after dinner on Thanksgiving day (2012) while searching for a miniature golf course. When we drove up I wasn’t too sure about the place, but I’m sure glad we went in. The tour through the aquarium and reptiles was awesome. My youngest grandchild is 12, but they all reacted like excited 8 year-olds at each exhibit. Feeding the Bull sharks was a real treat and seeing the wolves was very special, not the thing you get to do very often. The doctor fish were a hoot and seeing my grand kids faces when they first put their hands in the tank was a “Kodak Moment!” What really made it special was the informative and friendly interaction with staff. Each one was enthused with place and the information they had to share. You could tell it was more than just a job. The miniature golf was a lot of fun also, but the animal exhibits and the staff make this a “must see” if you visit Branson!

Fascinating experience!

This is not just a zoo; this is having an intimate experience with each animal, some you can even touch and pet and hold! I stepped back hundreds of millions of years to touch, hold, and let crawl on my hand, a horseshoe crab! It was like a prehistoric trilobite, as big as my hand, and it was like nothing I had felt before! I fed many stingrays and sharks. I watched a Goliath bird-eating spider gobble crickets. I walked through a doorway and leaped in fright when a wolf barked at me! I held huge snakes, petted a dingo, and a rabbit, and a chinchilla. I stared nose to nose at alligators and crocodiles. I could go on and on… But when I came out of there I felt a kinship to some bizarre and wonderful creatures I had never even heard of! The staff was very friendly; the caretakers and guides were helpful and enjoyed introducing us to all these animal friends in a personal way, with all sorts of fascinating information. This is definitely one Branson “show” I recommend seeing…and experiencing.

Animals and more

I expected this to be pretty lame in the middle of Branson but this was a cool place. You pay at the door and go at your own speed. They have a huge shark tank and smaller tanks with a sea turtle and some sting rays. Alligators, Crocs, Wolves, and all kinds of snakes. Stick your hand in the tank with the doctor fish it feels really neat and is allowed. Black light mini-golf and an arcade that are all included in the price of admission.

Incredible Place

We were very impressed with this little predator world. At least thats what the name should be. The 65 year old sea turtle was an absolute treat, the full grown pack of wolves were awesome to gaze at and watch them pace back and forth in front of you. This place has just about every poisonous snake in the world; including the most poisonous Black Mamba. Overall, the staff was mostly friendly, more than willing to answer questions if need be. We will go back again.

A Nice Place for the Kids

Did not know what to expect from this place, as the building has had many incarnations through the years, but Wild World exceeded most expectations. Make no mistake, this is not the Chicago aquarium, but it is actually a very good entertainment and educational value for kids three and up. Many of the animals and fish are are rescued animals such as “Savannah” the sea turtle. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff to talk about the wildlife, as well as even feed, hold and touch some of it. I see some talk about the smell and heat. That is due to much of it being an “open” pool type aquarium and not a completely enclosed aquarium like many may be familiar with. They had a nice selection of different reptiles, spiders and even carnivorous plants as well. Plus, they have a wolf exhibit that was interesting as well. There is free access to a rather large arcade with each paid admission, but it is mostly 15-20 year old games that have all seen their better days. It’s nice they offer it, but do not make it the only reason you go. The wide selection of animal life and educational value for kids and adults is the main reason to go.