White Lined Gecko (Gekko vittatus)

 White Lined gecko

Often referred to as the skunk gecko, the white-lined gecko is well known for the white strip  running  down the lizard’s back as well as the white bands on the reptile’s tail. It’s a beautiful and interesting species to own, but there are problems. White-lined geckos have a special habitat and the ones found in your local pet store may have been snatched from their natural habitat in the wild.

The white-lined gecko is found in tropical climates in areas such as New Guinea, Indonesia and India. This  species  of gecko prefers to live in the canopy of the trees in areas where the humidity is 70 to 80 percent and the daytime temperature is 75 to 85 degrees with nighttime temperatures of 70 to 75 degrees.

The white-lined gecko measures roughly 10 to 11 inches long with females being slightly smaller. This is a species that has the “sticky” toes that allow for climbing up walls and other smooth surfaces. With a typical lifespan of 3 to 5 years, this nocturnal species can live up to 10 years under expert care. The eyes are a brownish color with vertical black slits.

White-lined geckos found in pet stores are often captured in the wild. If you’re interested in owning this species, look for qualified breeders or reptile rescues. A juvenile will need a 12-by-12-by-18-inch terrarium, while adults need a 24-by-18-by-36 inch-habitat. Inside the terrarium, provide a variety of synthetic vines for climbing as well as a substrate that will hold onto humidity. The white-lined gecko prefers a  diet  of crickets and mealworms along with mashed fresh fruit. Avoid citrus fruits. Keep the humidity at roughly 75 percent and the temperature in the mid-80s during the day and mid-70s at night.

The white-lined gecko is mild-mannered and rarely aggressive. Because it is a nocturnal species, it’s best-suited for those who will be awake during the evening hours. In other words, children may be disappointed with this species.

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Pics from fc03.deviantart.net